About Amanda

Amanda and her cat

Moved by a deep empathy for those navigating mental health challenges, my journey into counselling blossomed from years as an HR director. My mission is to dismantle the stigma surrounding seeking support, ensuring everyone feels comfortable in their journey to well-being.

Having lived through the harrowing experiences of the Lebanon war as a child, I offer a compassionate space for those dealing with PTSD, stress, and anxiety. I am especially drawn to supporting young individuals with autism, recognising the importance of understanding and providing tools to navigate their unique challenges.

In corporate settings, I bring a warm approach to conflict resolution, integrating mindfulness and meditation to ease stress. My passion extends to empowering individuals for impactful interviews and significant meetings. I am honoured to collaborate with Betterhelp to extend the reach of counselling services, fostering kindness and understanding in every interaction.


Diploma in counselling skills and theory (Level 4)

Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice (Prof.Dip Psy C) (Level 5)

NCS CYPT Accredited member: NCS19-07996

Chrysalis Certificate in Hypnotherapy and counselling skills (Level 3)

Addiction Diploma Therapy

Art Therapy Diploma

Reducing Parental Conflict Trainer Reducing Parental Conflict practitioner

Safeguarding Children advanced

Reducing the risk of Child online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse / Grooming

Modern Slavery Awareness

Children's Mental health and Holistic Wellbeing - Improving awareness and practice

Understanding Serious Youth Violence

Anxiety Management Diploma

End of life therapy Diploma

Birth Doula Distinction